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Circular Data Modelling


Published papers:

  • Lans, van der R., Cremers, J., Klugkist, I., Zwart, R. (2020). Teachers’ interpersonal relationships and instructional expertise: How are they related? Studies in Educational Evaluation, 66.
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  • Cremers, J., Pennings, H.J.M., Mainhard, M.T., Klugkist, I. (2019). Circular Modelling of Circumplex Measurements for Interpersonal Behavior,
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  • Klugkist, I., Bullens, J., Postma, A. (2012). Evaluating Order Constrained Hypotheses for Circular Data using Permutation Tests. British Journal of Mathematical and Statistical Psychology, 65, 222-236.

Book chapter:

  • Klugkist, I., Cremers, J., Mulder, K.T. (2018). Bayesian Analysis of Circular Data in Social and Behavioural Sciences. In Ley, C & Verdebout, T. Applied Directional Statistics: Modern Methods and Case Studies (pp. 156 – 199). Chapman & Hall/CRC Press.

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