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Circular Data Modelling

Kees Mulder

Kees enjoying his time among circles.

Kees enjoying his time among circles.

Kees Mulder is a PhD on the Circular Data Modeling research group. He finished his Master’s Thesis in June 2014. His PhD, to run from 2014-2018, is funded by a VIDI grant (452-12-010) from NWO that was awarded to Irene Klugkist. The PhD Project investigates solutions for the practical problems encountered in the intrinsic approach of circular data modeling, as well as their interpretation.

Kees is interested in Bayesian analysis and circular data, but also in the general practice of research, and how it can be performed in such a way that the results will be both generalizable and valid. Also, he has an interest in communication in science and how peer reviewers, editors and scientists can work together to promote good practice in fields where methodological and statistical issues in published studies are common.

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